Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Year 8 War Horse Homeworks

Apologies for not getting this on until now!

Here they are:
1)      Draw one of the characters with at least 3 labels
2)      Read the book
3)      Create a wordsearch with at least 10 key words
4)      Create a performance of one of the scenes
5)      Create a poster advertising a performance of the play
6)      Design a new front cover for either the play or the novel
7)      Research WW1 and find out key facts
8)      Draw a bird’s eye view of the trenches – use clear labels to show certain aspects like no-man’s-land
9)      Write a diary entry for Albert at an important time of the play

10)  Draw and label a stage set for a scene of your choice

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Year 8 homeworks

As decided today with 8X2...here are the homework options:

  1. wordsearch
  2. rewrite a chapter
  3. act out a chapter
  4. draw the Beast of Boster
  5. make a newspaper article about another beast (maybe the Beast of Bicester)
  6. make a front cover for the story
  7. make a poem or a song about the beast
  8. make a poster warning people about the beast
  9. write chapter 10
  10. write a review of the story
Remember one next week and then another one the week after - but you could always do more if you choose!

Good luck!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Easter homework feedback and proposals for current homework lists - all years

Thank you very much everyone for your pieces of Easter homework - I have finally looked at it all now and am extremely pleased with the effort that has gone it to it - very well done!

There's evidence of effective preparatory work ready for your next modules as well as evidence of some careful revision for exam students.

Before I post another set of options for this term's homework, please let me know what type of thing you would like...Yr8s I'm guessing you'll want some drama options again?!

Send me an email to croberts@thecooperschool or add a comment to this post....

Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Homework - All Years

Here is the work for you all to be getting on with over the 2 (and a bit) weeks of Easter!

I'll be looking at my emails over the holiday so do email me if you have any questions.

Get this work done but enjoy your break too!

Year 8:
After Easter we will be starting our Exam Skills module - this module is assessed for En2 which you know is your reading comprehension.  Over Easter I would like you to read a book...any book!  And then complete the following two tasks:
1.  Answer the question How has the author made this an interesting book? write about a side of A4
2.  Choose 5 sentences from anywhere in the book and make a comment about their effect - here are 2 examples:
a)  'I was woken deep into the night by a loud banging at the door' The author has chosen to use the phrase 'deep into the night' to show just how much of a deep sleep the character was in.  This focuses the reader immediately on the drama that is about to unfold.
b) 'I was rudely snatched from my slumber...' Here the author has used alliteration to draw the reader's attention to the fact that his sleep was violently taken away from him, the word 'snatched' is particularly interesting as it reminds the reader of a crime.

Year 9:
So that's it then...no more KS3 English!  After Easter you will be focusing on your preparation for GCSEs!  You will be starting with looking at some speeches by Martin Luther King.  In order to analyse his speeches, you need to know as much as you can about him and what he stood for.

Find information on the following:

  • his life (autobiographical details)
  • the times in which he lived (especially in America)
  • what his aims were for the people in America and across the world
Also see if you can watch any of his speeches - youtube is good to find some.

Make notes in your books or on paper ready to use on your return to school.

Use the information to answer this question - Why was MLK so important to American history?

Year 10:
Your next module - and your last piece of controlled assessment - is the spoken language module.  We will focus on the speeches of Barack Obama.  To be ready for this, research his life and his politics - who is he and what does he stand for?
Then use your research to answer this question - Why was the election of Barack Obama so significant? Please don't merely focus on the colour of his skin and the significance of this.  Look also at what he has to say about his vision for the USA and its citizens.  Write 400-500 words to answer this question.

Year 11:
Remember you have FOUR essays to write for me over the break:
1.  A View from the Bridge - use the questions in your folder (you should have several in there and should have planned some too)
2.  Lord of the Flies - again use a question from in your folder
3.  Armitage poetry - again use a question from in your folder
4.  Writing pracice - choose one of the following questions
a) Your school has won a competition and has been awarded £10,000.  How should the money be spent to improve your school?  Write a letter to your headteacher giving them your views.
b) Teenagers are all trouble.  Write the words for a speech in which you agree or disagree with this statement.
c) Write the words for a travel brochure advertising your favourite holiday destination.

Remember to spend 45 minutes on each essay (10 mins planning, 30 writing and 5 checking).

Write it rather than typing - unless you know you are allowed a computer or a scribe in the exam.

All four essays are due in on the first lesson back which is P1 on the Monday!

Year 12:
To be confirmed during Tuesday's lesson.  Another essay?!

Year 13:
Please complete your essay - the question we looked at in the lesson which focused on the scene where Lear divides his kingdom.  Try and do it in an hour if you can.

Also remember the glossary of technical words and revise your theories (I've got a couple that I definitely need to look up too!)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Homework for February half term to Easter

Year 8: Victorian Crime Fiction

  1.       Create a piece of drama where you are in role as a character involved in a crime – do it from a Victorian perspective and then a modern one to show the difference
  2.        Write a poem describing a crime committed in Victorian London
  3.        Write a play script which involves a crime
  4.        As a group, create a freeze frame of a crime
  5.        Create a wordsearch using key words from the module
  6.        Create a quiz to test key writing skills like homophones, spelling, apostrophes etc
  7.        Read one of the Sherlock Holmes books
  8.        Watch a detective drama and write a review of it
  9.        Write a short story which is set in Victorian London (it does not need to involve a crime!)
  10. .   Draw a picture of a murder in Victorian London – don’t be too gruesome!

Year 10: Of Mice and Men

  1. Write the text for an information leaflet about The Great Depression and how it affected migrant workers in the US
  2. Read another piece of literature which deals with The American Dream (maybe The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates or Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller) and write a short comment about how The American Dream is depicted
  3. Choose another of Steinbeck's novels to read.  Write a short comment which explores whether he was drawn to particular themes in his writing.
  4. Write a biography for Steinbeck including key events in his life as well as when he wrote his famous works
  5. Create a timeline of American history from 1900 to the present day - you'll need to be selective about what to include and what to leave out
  6. Write a short story about someone who has a dream - do they achieve their goal or not?
  7. Curley's Wife is never given her own name in the novel.  Research the rights of women in the US - does equality exist now?
  8. Research racial segregation in the US - do you think America is a country with race equality? 
  9. Write a character profile for one of the key characters in the novel; Lennie, George, Slim, Curley, Curley's Wife, Crooks, Candy
  10. Explore the theme of loyalty by looking at reasons why Lennie and George stuck together for so long at a time when the majority of men moved around the country on their own.

Year 11: Lord of the Flies, A View from the Bridge and Simon Armitage poetry

I will give you homework each week but you should also ensure you are re-reading the texts and reading as much as you can on the internet about each one.  Go back over the notes you have in your books too.  Key areas to revise are plot (i.e. what happens and when - remember you won't have much time in the exam to find key events in the books so you'll need to know when they happen), characters and themes.

Always ensure you do the homeworks I set - they will help you to be prepared for the exams.

Friday, 8 February 2013

February Half Term - all year groups

To all year groups,

Have a lovely break over the half term holiday.

Have a rest so you're ready to begin the next module on your return to school!

Year 8: We are going to start a journalistic module which focuses on writing.  The theme is Victorian Crime Fiction so you may like to do some research about Victorian England (especially London) and also research the role of policing in England - when did we first have a police force and what were they responsible for?

Year 9: Our next module is Poetry - you will start the module with Miss Webb and then finish off with me just before the Easter holiday.  Maybe you could spend time over the halfterm re-reading your favourite poems - have a look on the internet to find any if you don't have books of poetry at home or can't get to the library.  Think about what makes a good poem for you...

Year 10: As you know, we'll be starting our Of Mice and Men module on our return.  Please ensure you have read the book over half term so we can get started on analysing it straight away.  Also try and get hold of another of Steinbeck's novels (I like East of Eden or The Grapes of Wrath) and read it to see if there are themes that he covers again.  Another preparatory task could be to do some research about American history - do you know what The American Dream is? Have you heard about the Great Depression?

Year 11: Back to Lord of the Flies...make sure you read it (again!) over the holiday and begin to think about the characters.  Our first task when we return will be to summarise each chapter before looking at the main characters (Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon).

Year 12: We aim to have looked at all items in the anthology quite quickly on our return so we can spend lots of time looking at how to put together an effective essay.  To this end please ensure you've read each of the items before we study them in class.  Well done for doing so well in Mr Baxter's quiz!  See if you can use any of the terms when you annotate the anthology items.

Year 13: Please read the end of King Lear - this will enable you to see each scene in light of its position in the play as a whole.  It won't be long before we start to do more work on longer pieces of writing...let's get the text read and analysed so we can move on to this!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Year 10s

Have a look at this article...

Prince Harry - more Top Gun than Wilfred Owen

Why does the writer use Owen's name in the title of the article?  What significance does it have?  Does it have any impact on the article?

I'll be looking for answers to this question next lesson!